SLS Montessori and High School

International Family Day celebrated at SLS School

June 1, 2015 by In News



Students and teachers of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, Harley Street, Montessori Branch, celebrated the United Nations International Day of Families in an evening event of fun and frolic, says a press release.

Throngs of little Montessori students all dressed up in their performance costumes or their favourite outfits showed up to school with their parents and extended family. A welcome group of little ones showed off their poem singing skills by performing their favourite poems with lots of gusto and hand gestures. Different games and competitions were arranged to engage students in either Montessori-themed exercises or just plain fun.

As some students got their height and weight measured in one colourful corner, others prepared sandwiches with their teachers for their families. Some prepared sandwiches were proudly presented to the amused parents where as others got gobbled up during preparation! In the plantation activity, parents enthusiastically participated in planting seeds with their children. A photo-shoot corner allowed students to pose with their favourite cartoon character and family for a photo to remember.

The beauty corner allowed for fun hairdos and ‘mehndi’ application. And of course, the classic face painting had a line of excited students. Inside one of the classrooms was a ‘movie night’ for parents to snuggle up with their kids and enjoy a classic children’s comedy. But the winning activity for the children seemed to be the pets’ corner. Much to the delight of the students and parents, there were three goats, a chick and three fish for the children to look at, pet, feed, and learn about. The goats, so clean that their coats shone, were borrowed from a neighbouring goat-herder and they happily munched on the hay that the students eagerly fed them.

The event ran late after sunset with the parents very appreciative of the chance to spend time with their children having good fun. Branch Head, Humaira Zaidi praised her hard working teachers and school staff. She said that with the amount of tension and despair the nation had to learn to deal with, it was all the more important to celebrate one’s family. Full of giggles and awe, and surrounded by their loved ones, the students of the Harley Street Montessori branch had an evening to remember.