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Montessori themes display held at SLS

December 22, 2019 by In News

Rawalpindi :Students and teachers of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, Montessori Section Lalazar recently held a display of Montessori themes, says a press release.

The display exhibited different themes taught to the students of Montessori classes in order to appreciate the hands-on activities and art and craft work done by the students following different themes. Everything was perfectly portrayed and demonstrated by the students. Parents were invited as guests who attended the wonderful show put up by the students of Advanced, Senior and Junior Montessori who performed on different activities respective of the themes, which were being highlighted. The classrooms beautification was extremely engaging which added to the magnificence of the campus.

The theme followed by the students of Junior Montessori was ‘Shapes’. The theme consisted of all the hands-on activities, games and presentations related to it. The students were dressed up as different types of shapes, which made it easier to distinguish one shape from the other and fascinating to watch for everyone. Students performed live activities, be it placing shapes in the right frame or making shapes with play dough. The dice game and jigsaw puzzle was eye catching and had a great impact on everyone.

Senior Montessori students were seen displaying the theme ‘Farm Animals’. Few students introduced themselves as various dairy products that one can get from farm animals while the others enacted as farm animals, which included ducks, sheep, horses, cows and hens. Each farm animal portrayed and explained the necessities these animals require and those that they provide too. The students in their endearing costumes appealed the visitors. The confidence was showering from everywhere and the student’s enthusiasm made the performances even more exciting and breathtaking.

Moving towards the end, Advance Montessori students also had a wide range of activities and amazing performances lined up. The theme they presented was ‘Plants’. The introduction comprised of the little ones presenting the process of how to plant a tree, starting from planting a seed to how it grows into a tree.

The beautiful costumes and rhythmic moves of the little girls was a sight to behold. Hands-on activities by the students continued alongside the performances, which included making flowers with pasta and creating tulips with fork painting.

Principal, Attiya Nadeem praised the efforts of students and teachers on assembling such a delightful theme display. The day came to an end when everyone headed towards the food stalls for refreshment.

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