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SLS Students say No to Plastic

October 20, 2019 by In News


Students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, New Lalazar Branch held a special programme on creating awareness about the harmful effects of plastic use, says a press release.

The Montessori and Junior students of New Lalazar Branch gathered in the school ground on a fine sunny morning where some of their class fellows gave small presentations explaining the topic of the day. Corners were made where projects were displayed depicting scenarios highlighting the harmful effects of plastic use.

Moving in groups made by the teachers class wise, the students started visiting the display corners. The first display corner depicted the sad situation of mother earth where not only humans but land and water animals were also at risk due to the regular disposal of plastic bags and other goods made out of plastic. A student dressed up as plastic monster started circling the display corner chanting loudly how it was affecting the earth. A full description of harmful effects of plastic was given to the audience, the students in return asked questions from the presenters who answered with great enthusiasm and confidence. The next display corner depicted the happy face of earth. Full of greenery and devoid of plastic waste, the students were able to draw comparison between both the scenarios.

The next display corner had the students of Montessori classes dressed up as marine life specifically addressing the menace of plastic disposal into the oceans. Totally engrossed in their characters their sad faces expressed the worrisome condition of marine life owing to the constant disposal of plastics into the oceans, leading towards the destruction of their habitat; hence putting a lot of species in danger.

The discussions among the students in the audience expressed great concern towards the situation. Different alternatives were shared by the students to reduce the use of plastic. The idea of recycling was greatly stressed upon as the teachers showed the students some handicrafts made out of paper. Fancy paper bags were loved by the students and the teachers successfully motivated them to use paper bags instead of plastic bags. Section Head, Saira Noor addressed her students and teachers and together everyone made a promise to ‘Say No to Plastic!

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