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Workshop on activity based learning held at SLS

July 2, 2019 by In News, Uncategorized


A three-day workshop on ‘Activity Based Learning in the Classroom’ was held at Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School, says a press release.

The workshop was conducted by Shahgul Junaid, primary coordinator at the SLS Lalazar Branch. The workshop was based on the practical application of methodology for the classroom aiming towards combining theory with good practice.

The workshop started with several introductory/ice breaking activities and the teachers were guided on how to implement these activities in their classrooms in order to make learning a fun process for the students. The introductory activities were followed by a series of hands on activities each targeting different areas of learning. Demos were taken side by side to ensure better learning and understanding of the teachers. On the second day of the workshop the VAK (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) model of learning was introduced to the teachers. The teachers worked in groups as they were given the task to incorporate the VAK model in order to make sample lesson plans, after choosing any one topic from the subjects that they were teaching.

Side by side guidance was given to the teachers by the workshop moderator. The teachers discussed common classrooms problems and ways to avoid and overcome them. The third day of the workshop focused on cooperate story telling activity. Starting from the significance of paralinguistic features in storytelling to sharing the benefits of it, a demo was given on a story targeting the topic of ‘Prepositions’ in English language class. The last part of the workshop highlighted the importance of time management in a classroom. The teachers were guided on how to divide each section of their lesson plan in the given 40 minutes period aiming towards maximum results in terms of the understanding of the student.

The teachers were able to gain an in depth knowledge about incorporating activities in their lessons both individual and in group. Mrs. Asiya Talha, managing director of SLS Schools appreciated the teachers for sharing their ideas through the creative demos that they presented and encouraged them to implement the learned methods in their classrooms for better learning of the students.

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