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Ethics and Value Education Week celebrated

May 14, 2017 by In News


Ethics and Values Education Week was held in all campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, says a press release.

The week, which is input every year in the annual forecast of the school calendar, serves the purpose of inculcating good manners and moral values in the students. Special activities and assemblies are planned from Montessori classes to grade 5.

SLS, Faisal Alvi road branch held a special event with students performing short acts to highlight basic good manners and good ethics. Students spoke to their class fellows about what constitutes good manners and good ethics and why they’re important. The first act was by grade 2 students on being a source of happiness for others by extending help. The skit depicted an old lady unable to cross the road and while some students standing on the road made fun of her, others told them to be kind and helped her. Other skits by grades 1 and 4 exemplified politeness, sharing, honesty, equality, patriotism and patience.

The next performance was a beautiful poem sung by grade 3 students on what it means to respect others. Colourful props and head gears added colour to the beautiful lyrical poem.

Grade 5 students delivered a very strong message on child labour and society’s attitude towards maids and servants. The skit showcased our dependence on help but our disregard towards them as people just like us who have certain needs or desires.

The audience of students talked about what they had learned about small acts of kindness. Section head, Ume-Salma asked for a big round of applause for her students and teachers for sharing such important messages in such an effectual way.

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