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Gratitude Week held at SLS

September 20, 2018 by In News


All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School celebrated Gratitude Week, says a press release.

This week was a part of the annual forecast of the school calendar as well as the Theme of the ongoing Term ‘Gratitude.’ Special Assemblies and activities were planned by all the branches of SLS in order to observe this week.

SLS, Peshawar Road Montessori Branch had a special event highlighting the importance of being grateful. Several activities were performed and performances were made by the Montessori students as they showed gratitude towards the things and people around them. A gratitude tree was made in the school ground on which students pasted colourful sticky notes mentioning the things for which they were thankful. A card making activity was also done inside the classrooms. The students made colourful “Thank you” cards for their teachers and the school’s helping staff and appreciated them for everything they do for them every day. The activity ended with a lot of smiles and hugs.

A special morning assembly was also held in which the Senior and Advanced Montessori students performed on the same theme. The assembly began when a group of Advanced Montessori students presented a skit paying tribute to all the mothers for their unconditional love and care. The students felt thankful for not just their mothers but also on having families who provide them with unconditional care, love & support.

The special assembly came to an end when Montessori Head Directress, Humera Awais addressed the students and said that one should be grateful for whatever they have in their life and always feel blessed to have a loving family.


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