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International Day of Happiness celebrated at SLS

March 19, 2019 by In News

Rawalpindi : All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School celebrated the International Day of Happiness, says a press release. SLS Montessori and High school, Montessori Section Lalazar held several activities in this regard which were followed by a special morning assembly, says a press release.

Students were welcomed back to the school after their final exams and result through a bunch of activities planned for the day. A “Happy Display” was prepared in the classrooms by the teachers, the students drew and annotated one thing that made them happy and displayed them. They laughed around and showed each other their favourite happy moments. Art periods were utilized to create colourful “Happiness Bookmarks” and happiness tokens were also distributed as a reward for making someone happy and spreading smiles.

A group of grade 3 students took part in a special morning assembly. The special assembly focused on this year’s theme of being “Happier Together”. The students gave presentations depicting some “happy acts” like sharing, caring for and helping each other, through which one can spread happiness around themselves. The purpose of these presentations was to encourage the students to perform good deeds in order to spread smiles and happiness around them, as a little happiness goes a long way. The ‘happy acts’ were followed by another group of third graders who came up on the stage holding colourful placards and shared their thoughts about the day in the form of small messages.

The special assembly ended with a delightful song. The students clapped along as the performers sang the song “Happiness is something if you give it away, then it comes right back to you”. Section Head, Attiya Nadeem appreciated her teachers and students for a wonderful morning assembly.


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