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Montessori Theme Display at SLS

November 18, 2018 by In News

Rawalpindi : Montessori students of SLS Montessori and High School, Zaraj Campus organized a Montessori theme display, says a press release.

Over three hundred parents were invited as guests who visited and appreciated all the beautifully decorated classrooms. All the Junior, Senior and Advanced Montessori classes had different themes selected from the Theme book of the Montessori classes. Introductions about each theme were given by the students followed by short descriptions of the activities performed by them during their academic year. The Junior Montessori classes displayed the themes of ‘Spring Season’, ‘Shapes around Us’ and ‘Plants’. From dancing butterflies to singing fruits, miniature gardens to green house and a bunch of students dressed up as different shapes to little scientists at the science corners each classroom had a sight to behold.

The Senior Montessori students were no less; they won the hearts of all the guests with their amazing theme presentations. Two students dressed up as taxi drivers gave a tour to their “Cars, Trucks and Buses” themed classroom. The information shared by the students regarding the parts of different vehicles and their types had everyone in awe. Moving through the corridors of the Montessori Section the guests also witnessed a “Farm Animals” and “Fruits and Vegetables” themed classroom. The students could be seen dressed up as different farm animals trying to imitate sounds produced by the farm animals. Fruits and vegetable garden based classroom had its own charm.

The “Dairy Products” and “Yellow” themed Advance Montessori classes also had an extensive collection of some really interesting activities displayed inside, all done by the students. The highlight of which was an ice cream corner made by the students which had a huge graph elaborating different ice-cream flavors based upon the liking of the students, the ‘Chocolate’ flavor being the most favorite among the students. The next classroom had everything ‘Yellow’ in it. From bees to sunflowers, mangoes to corn cobs, Sponge-Bob to other Disney characters with yellow colored attires the classroom looked bright and beautiful.

The wonderful theme display was appreciated by all the guests. The highlight of the day were the food stalls and games which were enjoyed equally by the parents and the students.


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