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SLS School celebrates ‘Don’t cut trees’

April 14, 2017 by In News


Students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, Satellite Town senior branch celebrated the theme of their term ‘Respect for All’ by dedicating a programme to forests, says a press release.

Managing Director, SLS School, Asiya Talha was invited as the guest. The program began with students presenting information on the types of forests and marking the areas covered by them on a huge map which they had made themselves. A student read out a beautiful Urdu poem she had written herself titled ‘Dekho Darakht Na Katnay Paein’ (make sure they’re not cutting the trees). It received a lot of appreciation.

Then boys and girls dressed in colours of trees, wearing green t-shirts and brown trousers sang a song on the earth with a promise to conserve trees and forests. Students gave amazing facts on trees and their uses, like for medicine, in helping to reduce violence, increase economic activity and in acting as a sponge to provide us with clean water.

The next performance was a skit, a dialogue between trees who were talking amongst themselves about how humans were wasting them and causing danger to themselves and the entire ecosystem. The fact that we forget to take care of trees even though they’re nothing but beneficial to us was presented in a colourful tableau on the song “Na Kaato Mujhey” (Don’t cut me).

The second last performance was a dialogue between students and forest officers. The purpose of this was to enlighten the audience about how one can sponsor a tree, where the forestry departments are located in our cities and what new development is taking place in other countries to conserve forests which we can also adopt.

The last performance of the program was a two-sided story presented with some amazing background sound effects. It was about what life is like with trees and forests and how it will become if we continue deforestation.

Section Head, Adeela Rehman thanked her students and teachers for organising a very informative program and everyone got together over a cup of tea.

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