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SLS School holds Fun Day

December 22, 2016 by In News


To mark the end of their second term exams, the students and teachers of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, Satellite Town Primary branch organised a funfair, says a press release.

The theme was ‘Circus’ and a red and white canopy was put up with buntings to give the effect of a circus covering the entire main ground of the SLS, Chandni Chowk branch. Parents and families were invited to enjoy multiple foods and game stalls setup on the sides of the ground. The centre of attraction for the students were the games, like mini golf, passing the ball through the hole and sand treasure. A crowd of students was seen outside the horror house and the snakes and ladders game. Screams of fun could be heard as witches and ghosts frightened everyone who went in.

Families sat together to enjoy different types of food. Face painting was a hit and a long line of students waited to get their faces painted. Girls were getting beautiful henna designs made on their hands. Uplifting music set the mood for the day and many young ones took moments to dance to the beat. As they held up different props and frames, laughter took over and made way for some beautiful camera captures. The creativity of the teachers could be seen through the beautiful gift boxes, colourful caps, decorated masks and caps they had handmade.

The colourful event continued throughout the day with families spending quality time together and having fun. Section Head, Saima Asad met with parents, appreciated her team’s effort and said that this was a well-deserved break for her staff and students after all their hard work.


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