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SLS School holds in-house workshops

August 26, 2017 by In News


A series of 14-day in-house workshops were held at Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School, says a press release.

The workshops were held and attended by teachers from different campuses of SLS School as a part of the Education Improvement Programme at SLS. The workshops focused on introducing better teaching methodologies in the classrooms.

The Montessori-level workshops focused on grabbing the attention of toddlers through effective classroom strategies and making learning possible through activities. This included Story Telling, reading and writing and fun ways to strengthen the fine motor skills of toddlers.

At the primary level attention was given to creating an inclusive classroom environment and introducing and adopting teaching strategies to keep the students productive and motivated. The importance and practicality of English language skills and innovative teaching methodologies were the focus of the workshops.

Maths workshops focused on how teachers can simplify mathematical problems using trick operations and several hands-on activities to make the subject fun for all the students. The Science and Social studies workshops were about making learning easier by incorporating various techniques like learning through chants, group activities, models, role playing, puzzle games etc. A workshop on Effective Lesson Planning was also held in which all the components of a lesson plan were discussed in detail and a group activity was done by the teachers to incorporate their new learning.

Heads of secondary classes held sessions on the subject-wise needs of the students and teachers in board classes. Workshops related to the new patterns of paper setting by the Federal Board were held for all the senior teachers.

At the end of the workshops, Asiya Talha, managing director of SLS Schools, appreciated all the teachers for their constant hard work and dedication in introducing new techniques and encouraged all the attendees to become completely familiar with the new methods so that they could be implemented in an effective manner.

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