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SLS students celebrate International Peace Day

October 14, 2016 by In News


All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School celebrated the International Day of Peace, says a press release.

The Montessori students of Islamabad Branch along with their teachers and parents held a special morning assembly in order to mark the importance of this day. All the Senior and Advanced Montessori students peacefully sat in the assembly area wearing headbands with peace symbol made on them.

The programme started off with a brief introduction of the day so as to engage the young minds with the notion of peace and its importance, that peace begins with a smile and when everyone around us is happy we feel at peace. To inaugurate the day and to spread happiness, a group of students came on stage to welcome the audience as they danced delightfully to a very cheerful welcome song. The next performance was by a group of girls dressed up as fairies wearing white, lacy frocks. They performed on the famous peace song “Light a Candle for Peace” which conveys a beautiful message that if everyone fulfils his part in the process of achieving peace then a day will come when our wish for world peace will become a reality.

The dove is known as the symbol of peace the world over and in order to familiarize the students with it, a special performance was prepared. Four students from Advanced Montessori dressed up as doves and carrying beautiful paper props representing the wings of the dove came on stage and presented an act on the famous Urdu poem “Aman Ka Panchi”. To emphasize the significance of this day some famous quotes of renowned personalities known for their work for world peace were quoted by the teachers side by side during the special programme. A peaceful society to live in is the right of every living being and it can only be achieved if every individual works for it in order to create a ripple effect. Keeping this very thought in mind, the next performance was based on a song which held a very strong message that peace can be taught by doing and saying.

The special assembly ended with a peace song sung by the Montessori students. The parents of the SLS students were moved by these heart-warming efforts and they gave a huge round of applause on a well celebrated day. Montessori Head Directress, Uzma Ali thanked her students and teachers for their efforts. She ended by stating that the purpose of celebrating this day was to start with peace at home which is only possible if perceptions and attitudes are changed.



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