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Students celebrate International Day of Families

May 11, 2019 by In News


Students and teachers of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, Satellite Town, Montessori Branch, celebrated International Day of Families through a special program, says a press release.

Students of Advanced Montessori, dressed up in colourful costumes, showed up in the school along with their parents, siblings and grandparents. The special programme started when the audience was greeted warmly by one of the students followed by a poem presentation. A group of students dressed up in vibrant costumes came up on the stage and sang a beautiful poem about families. With pompoms and their favourite family photos in their hands, they sang with great enthusiasm. A skit highlighting the importance of family bonds and relationships was also performed with a message that children require the love, affection and most importantly the time of their parents instead of toys and other material possessions.

Showing off their singing skills, the tots of Advanced Montessori presented different poems related to the theme of the day, their energy adding liveliness to the program. The acting skills of the students were praise worthy as they performed an act depicting family as the most important unit of the community. A common household setting was shown to the audience giving away a very strong message to the audience that children learn from what they observe so it is important for the parents to practically follow good values in order to make their children to do the same.

It was indeed a very emotional moment to witness. Branch Head, Zakia Wali praised her teachers and the students for a well presented program. She also addressed the parents focusing on the importance of spending and celebrating family time in this time and age when everyone is tremendously occupied.


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