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Students mark Wildlife Day

April 5, 2018 by In News


Students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, Peshawar Road Junior Branch marked World Wildlife Day, say a press release.

A special programme was conducted by the students of grade one, two and three in this regard. The school stage looked like a miniature jungle with tree branches on the sides. Through colourful song presentations, tableaus and skits the students shared some important facts about wildlife and the dangers faced by them. The students also talked about saving the wildlife, flora and fauna by suggesting ways to provide better living conditions for them.

The special program started with the class one students welcoming the parents by performing on their favourite song “In the Mighty Jungle” followed by a poem presentation which was enjoyed by all. A very thought provoking skit followed the poem presentation in which some students were dressed up as tigers and some as hunters. Through a very interesting skit they highlighted how the hunting of tigers has led them to fall under the category of endangered species and if the humans continue to hunt them down they will soon extinct. The importance of conserving the plants was shared by a student of class three she also said the hunting of animals for fun and for their skin should also be stopped as both plants and animals are an important part of our ecosystem and that by cutting the plants and trees we are destroying the habitats of animals.

The junior students of Peshawar Road branch also highlighted how birds along with plants and animals are at risk caused by mankind. Through a skit they showed how birds used to live happily and peacefully until their trees were cut down. They performed on a poem which described each animal one by one. The grizzly bear could be seen holding a fish, the elephant moved its trunk and the hippo walked around with all its might.

The special one hour programme came to an end when Section Head, Naushin Amjad addressed the students, teachers and the parents. She thanked them for putting up such an informative show and also said that it is our duty to create awareness about protecting animals as just like human beings they also feel pain but cannot speak for themselves.


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